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Bottom Entry Agitators


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Our Bottom Entry Agitators

Are you looking for a bottom entry agitator? We can help you find the right agitator. Of course, we can also make an agitator for you according to your wishes. Bottom entry agitators are applicable for situations in which there is insufficient installation space for a top entry agitator.

Up to 5.000 liters

This lightweight BEA1 bottom entry agitator can be used for stirring, homogenizing and preserving the suspension.
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Up to 15.000 liters

The bottom entry agitators of the type BEA2 are very suitable for suspending, mixing, dispersing and emulsifying liquids.
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More than 15.000 liters

The heavy duty BEA3 agitators are applicable for homogenizing, flocculation, suspending, stirring and heat transfer.
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