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Our agitator products

Veenstra agitators are known around the world for their robust construction and quality. We are happy to help you optimise your processes as much as possible. Our agitators can be used with different liquid types. We supply top, side and bottom entry agitators. You can also contact us for column mixers and portable mixers. Our agitators are manufactured from high quality materials and according to the strictest quality standards. If you do not want to compromise on the quality and lifespan of your agitators and mixers, you will inevitably find your way to Veenstra. You can also contact us for customised agitators.

Top entry agitators

Are you looking for a top quality top entry entry agitator? We have different types in our range. Inquire about our models and various options!
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Side entry agitators

Are you looking for a side entry agitator? Discover our range of side entry agitators, suitable for large and small tanks. We can produce custom made...
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Bottom entry agitators

Bottom entry agitators are well applicable when there is insufficient installation space for a top entry agitator. Our bottom entry can be made following your...
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Dissolvers are very suitable for heavy duty, high intensity and high capacity work, including mixing paint, ink and solids.
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Column mixers

We construct a wide range of column agitators. These column agitators are specially designed for mixing in small drums, containers, IBCs or larger tanks.
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Portable mixers

Are you looking for a mixer that is suitable for moving? Our portable mixers are very well applicable for mixing in drums, IBCs and tubs.
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Agitator elements

The agitator elements are constructed on the basis of a propulsion calculation that follows from a Veenstra designed calculation program.
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Appendages and options

With our appendages you can complete your agitator. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from different seals, frequency converters and so on.
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Agitator engineering

Are you looking for an agitator that perfectly matches your processes? Let Veenstra help you to design and manufacture the agitator.
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Repair & overhaul

Veenstra Technology is the right address for repair and overhaul of agitators. All types and brands of agitators can be professionally repaired by us.
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Our Cases

Below you will find various cases/customer stories. If you see anything among the cases that could also be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us. We can supply a tailor made solution for your problem as well.

Calculating pump height

Veenstra assists you with fluid simulations and optimization of mixing processes.
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Side-entry agitators

Veenstra has supplied 5 side-entry agitators to keep process water homogeneous.
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Custom made agitators

Veenstra recently delivered 9 custom-made agitators with sliding marine propellers.
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