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Fluïdisation systems

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Fluïdisation systems

Bridging is a common problem in silos. The material remaining in the silos forms a bridge on the sides. This bridging hinders the outflow of the material in the silo and can cause damage.

Veenstra Technology offers the best solution for this problem: fluidisation pads. This aerates the silo. The pads prevent cohesion of the particles of the material in the silo. Thanks to the aeration created by the fluidisation pads, bridging can be prevented and the contents of the silo can flow downwards smoothly.

Fluidisation pads are placed in the silo by drilling holes in the silo wall. Once the fluidisation pads are fitted in the silo, they are secured with a seal, washer and nut. The final step in the installation process is to connect the fluidisation pads to a closed circuit line, which supplies air to the fluidisation pads.

Veenstra is a pioneer in the application of fluidisation techniques and has the knowledge and rapid testing options with which we can determine the ideal distribution of the pads in your silo. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options available for your silos.

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