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Our Bulk loading products

Due to high transport costs, it is essential to make maximum use of bulk tanker, ship and truck capacity. In order to make efficient use of this capacity, it is important to ensure the vehicles, tankers, etc. are loaded efficiently and within the shortest possible time. We need to do everything possible to shorten waiting and loading time. Veenstra Technology can help you optimise this process. Thanks to our years of experience, we have a broad knowledge that can contribute to the optimisation of every loading situation for tankers, open vehicles, trucks, ships, buckets and containers.

Loading spouts

Veenstra is the right Partner for optimizing your loading time. Our loading spouts do posses the highest level of loading capacity.
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Our positioning systems are extremely suitable for loading trucks and trains. They can be executed for one or two translations.
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Mobile loaders

Mobile loaders are innovative machines intended to offer customers a new flexible way of loading. These loaders are movable on wheels.
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Fluïdisation systems

Veenstra is a pioneer in the application of fluidization techniques and does posses rapid knowledge and testing options for best air distribution.
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Veenstra's airslides are very often applied for transport in the petrochemical industry, cement factories and waste processing plants.
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Spare parts

You can also contact Veenstra for spare parts for bulk loading equipment. This includes several filters, hoses and other wearing parts.
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Repair & modification

As soon as you notice any disturbance or mall-function in your bulkloading system, you may contact us immediately. We will repair and modify your system.
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Engineering Bulk loading

From design to manufacturing bulk loading equipment, we will work together to find the best sollution for transporting loading your bulk products.
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Veenstra Technology makes loading systems tailor-made for you. Our professionals are happy to help you find the perfect solution to optimise your processes – specific wishes are no problem at all.

From silo to bulkship

We manufacture equipment suitable for transporting your bulk material from silo to cargo ship. Our airslides transport your bulk product over long distances. We also produce valves that will shut off or dose the supply of your product with great precision. Our loading bellows are the end station; they are designed to load a bulk carrier, truck or train with great precision and speed. In addition, we also produce a wide range of solutions for fluidisation within your silo, improving output and reducing clogging problems.

Feel free to contact us so we can work together and look at the possibilities for optimising your processes.

Our Cases

Below you will find various cases/customer stories. If you see anything among the cases that could also be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us. We can supply a tailor made solution for your problem as well.

Powder blowing unit

Veenstra has been awarded the EPC order for a powder loading installation for sea containers.
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Loading system for PVC

Veenstra has received an order for the design, manufacture and installation of a PVC loading system in Indonesia.
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Loading system for flour

Veenstra supplied a system for loading flour to a Belgian customer.
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