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Top Entry Agitators


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Our Top Entry Agitators

Are you looking for a top entry agitator? We have different types in our range. Depending on the number of litres you want to process, you can look for a top entry agitator that suits you best. Are you looking for a custom-made top entry agitator? Again, you have come to the right place.

Up to 1.000 liters

The TEA1 top entry agitators up to 1,000L are very suitable for use in small tanks, open vessels, IBC tanks and drum drums.
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Up to 15.000 liters

The TEA2 top entry agitators are very well suitable for suspending, mixing, dispersing and emulsifying different kinds of liquids.
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More Than 15.000 liters

The TEA3 top entry agitators are applicable for homogenizing, flocculation, suspending, stirring and heat transfer.
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