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Veenstra Technology’s loading spouts

A loading spout is the end station in the bulk loading process. The spout is used to load bulk goods into trucks, ships or trains. When bulk goods are loaded from a storage facility into the truck or another vehicle, part of the product can be lost due to dust moving upwards. This causes material loss, contamination and additional cleaning costs. With a loading spout from Veenstra Technology, your product will carefully and securely enter the cargo area of any vehicle or ship, with no chance to escape.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we have a large selection of loading bellows types and designs:

  • Our MODUL loading bellows: This is a modular loading bellows program of the highest quality;
  • Our VT-BBC loading bellows: an affordable loading bellows that still has everything in it;
  • Our VT-BBM manual loading bellows: the loading bellows for the smaller wallet;
  • Our VT-BBE custom-made loading bellows: high-quality, fully custom-made loading bellows.

We are happy to work with you to create a perfect solution for your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Bulk handling with top quality loading spouts

Our products ensure an optimal loading process. In our own production facility we develop and produce equipment that transports your bulk materials from a silo into a truck, train, ship or other means of transport. We design and manufacture the products. This means we can take your specific requirements into account and produce custom equipment if necessary. Our bulk loading product portfolio includes positioners, mobile loaders, fluidization systems, air slides and loading spouts. Moreover, we are specialists in the field of agitators, machine construction and metal working.

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VT-BBE custom loading spout

This top quality loading spout can be custom made for you. Please let us know which additions or specifications your loading spouts require, or get in touch with us for advice. Our specialists will be happy to help you design and implement the right spouts for your loading process.

Characteristics of our loading spouts

Our standard loading spouts have a maximum capacity of 400 m3 per hour. When your loading process requires a higher capacity, you can choose for our VT-BBE custom loading spouts. In consultation with you we can design a spout with a higher capacity. Loading spouts are available with electric or manual operation. Other specifications depend on the options and accessories that fit your business. Picking the right flexible hose material (polyurethane, polyester or neoprene), possibly in combination with stainless steel cups, ensures a longer life span. Choosing materials that match your product and loading environment also make your loading spouts more resistant to wear and tear, temperature fluctuations and weather conditions.

Are you interested in loading spouts for your loading process?

Do you require loading spouts for your loading process? Should you have any questions or require more information about our products, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. Would you like a more visual representation of what we can do for your company? We developed a complete loading system for a customer in Belgium. In this project, we implemented positioners and fluidization bases in addition to the loading spouts.

Do you want to upgrade your loading process with more than loading spouts alone? Veenstra Technology can optimize your complete bulk loading process. Make sure to take a look at our solutions for other bulk loading products such as airslides, mobile loaders and positioners.

You can contact us below.

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