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Our metalworking

Metalworking is the technique of working metals to create different types of structures. It is a technical, but above all important specialism in the metal industry. Veenstra Technology is a specialist in Conventional turning, CNC turning, Conventional milling, CNC milling, boring, keyway slotting and welding.

We can machine all kinds of machinable materials into mechanical parts. These can be fine parts as well as heavy-duty items. In addition to machining metal, we can also machine various types of plastic.

Would you like us to machine small products for you? Or a larger product? We are ready to get going for you. We can take you through the entire process. We will convert your ideas into high-quality products.

We are happy to offer customers a total solution. We can also respond to urgent requests. Our modern CNC lathes and milling machines can produce up to 10,000 products per session, depending on the size and requirements. The quality you expect from us is certainly not lost.

Whether you need support for mechanical engineering, medical industry, infrastructure technology, food industry or another branch, we are happy to help you with your metalworking needs and to optimise your processes.

CNC turning

In addition to CNC turning various types of metal, various types of polymers can also be machined into your end product.
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CNC milling

Milling is one of the machining operations at Veenstra. Your product is manufactured on one of our CNC workcenters.
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Axial grooving

Would you like to add keyways to your product? Veenstra has keyway slotting machines for large products.
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At Veenstra you can have your worn hole made round again by means of boring. After boring a bushing can be added.
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The professionals of Veenstra are specialized in welding various metals. Our welders do have various certificates.
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Our Cases

Below you will find various cases/customer stories. If you see anything among the cases that could also be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us. We can supply a tailor made solution for your problem as well.

Reverse engineering

Because we have rapidly manufactured new products through reverse-engineering...
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AISI seal housings

This regards an urgent order for CNC machining of various stainless steel seal housings and...
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