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Up to 5.000 liters

Bottom Entry Agitators

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Model series BEA1

This light bottom agitator can be used to agitate, homogenise and suspend. Bottom agitators are ideal for situations where top entry agitators cannot be used due to insufficient installation space. BEA-1 models can be used in the food, chemical and coating industry, as well as in the dairy and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Suitable for liquids that are easily miscible and/or are mixed to keet the liquid homogeneous
  • Suitable for tanks <5.000L
  • Viscosities depend on the application
  • Pressure: atmospheric vacuüm and under the maximum pressure of 10 bar (g)
  • Temperature -20 °C tot 150 °C
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Product specifications

Mixing shaftØ30 - Ø50mm / L=200 - 500mm
Motor power0.37kW - 7,5kW / 750rpm till 3.000rpm
Mounting flangeØ160mm-250mm
CoatingsC3, C4, C5
SealingsDouble mechanical seal
MaterialsRVS 304/316L, Hastelloy, (super) duplex, titanium, carbon steel
Mixing elementsPitchblade / propeller / impeller / dispersion disc / stator
Surface quality wet parts2B finish or grinded until Ra<0,8 µm, coated with HALAR, PFTE, PU or rubberized
ATEX explosion protection Ex zone (gas) 0, 1, 2 or (dust) 20, 21 22 and non-Ex version / Nobo certificated

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