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Portable mixers


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Our Portable mixers

Are you looking for a mixer that can be moved around? Then view the portable mixer range. The mixers in this category are suitable for mixing in drums, IBCs and tubs, among other things.

Lab mixers

The portable lab mixers are the best fit for optimizing lab processes and are suitable for homogenizing or suspending liquids.
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Clamp mixers

These mixers can be applied for different types of drums. They can easily be placed on the vessels by means of a clamp.
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Drum mixers

The drum mixers are especially designed for usage on drums. These mixers can be applied for several viscosities.
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Tub mixers

These tub mixers can be applied for multiple liquids and several viscosities. They are also easily transportable.
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IBC mixers

The IBC mixers are applied on IBC vessels. These mixers can vary significantly from each other. Available in several models.
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Pneumatic mixers

The pneumatic mixers are air-powered and arte able mix continuously. This mixing is suitable for liquids such as ink.
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