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More than 15.000 liters

Top Entry Agitators

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Model series TEA3

Our heavy-duty top entry agitators are applicable for most homogenising, flocculating, suspending, stirring and heat transfer operations. This agitator is suitable for stirring products such as chemicals, wastewater, dairy, bio-oil, slurry and other liquids.


  • Suitable for a slow stirring process
  • Large tank capacity  ≥15.000L
  • Viscosities up to approx. 35.000cP
  • Shaft length up to approx. 8.000 mm or up to 20.000 mm with bottom bearing
  • Detachable shafts
  • Double bearing housing or mounted directly in the gearmotor
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Product specifications

Motor power0.12kW - 90kW
MotoreductorCustomizable to the customer's wishes
Mounting flangeconform DIN
Mixing shaftØ60 - Ø120mm / L=1.200 - 20.000mm
Mixing elementsPitchblade, propeller, impeller, anker, Z
SealingsLipseal, mechanical seal
MaterialsRVS 304/316L, Hastelloy, (super) duplex, titanium, carbon steel
Surface quality wet parts2B finish or grinded until Ra<0,8 µm, or coated with HALAR, PFTE, PU or rubberized
ATEX explosion protectionEx zone (gas) 0, 1, 2 or (dust) 20, 21 22 and non-Ex / Nobo certifcated

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