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Loading system for flour


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Loading system for flour in Belium

We have developed and realized a complete loading system for a flour producer in Belgium. The system does consists of two complete loading stations that can load bulk-trailers with different compartments, with the number of compartments per trailer varying from 1 to 11 pieces.

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The loading system realized by us has been installed to replace an old loading system. The new system consists of fluidization bottoms for 25 silos, 2 positioners with loading bellows and all intermediate components required for efficient transport of the flour.

Scope of delivery
For this project, Veenstra supplied the following items, among others: 15 pieces of fluidization bottom Ø1500 mm, 10 pieces of fluidization bottom Ø1350 mm, 50 pieces of butterfly valves, 3 hoppers, 2 positioners on rails, 2 loading spouts, 25 pieces of vibrating silo bottoms Ø1250 to Ø1800mm, 1 ROOTS blower and all piping components. In addition, Veenstra assembled the complete system on site, connected it and also commissioned it completely.