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Powder blowing unit


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Powder blowing unit for loading sea containers

Veenstra has won an EPC order for a powder blowing unit which will be applied for the dust-free loading of seafreight containers. This rearloading unit has a capacity of 34 tons per hour. It loads the sea containers from the rear and it is fed from a silo by means of a loading bellows. After successful commissioning of the installation, 3 to 4 of the same units will be applied in the future.

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Veenstra is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and delivery of the blowing unit ready for operation. The functional design has now been completed and the result can be seen in the images accompanying this article.

The installation mainly consists of the following components:

  1. A mobile rear loading unit, made up of
    – 1x 75kW Roots blower
    – 1x 4,5 M3 Intermediate hopper with product inlet for loading bellows
    – 1x Electrically powered Rotary valve
    – 1x Air-Air cooler
    – 1x Incoming air filter
    – 1x Return filter installation
    – 1x Siemens outdoor PLC control system
    – 1x Light signal tower;
  2. One mobile hanging frame for attachment to a sea container;
  3. A mobile cyclone for cleaning the installation.