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Inserted Airslides


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Inserted Airslides

We have built two special airslides for a good customer of ours in the UK. These airslides are mounted through the wall of two existing silos. These silos have a flat bottom, stand on the ground and are applied for the storage of hydrated lime powder. Normally bulk trucks are toploaded with this product. However to achieve a toploading from the existing silos, substantial investments would have to be made. And this method would take too much time aswell as the product would have to be compressed several times during loading in order to reach the aimed load of 30 tons.

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Our airslides do offer a cost-effective solution to these problems. They are inserted at the bottom of the silos and they provide a fluidized product flow to a segment valve. From the segment valve the bulk trucks are now bottom-filled with a capacity of 30 tons per hour.