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In addition to production, you can also contact Veenstra Technology if you are looking for a technical design agency. We have outstanding professionals who have years of experience and monitor the high quality of the products and guarantee good service.

We are happy to work with you to develop a part or machine. We look for the best solution so your processes can be optimised. With our extensive knowledge and experience, the CE marking, machine directive and work equipment directive are familiar ground for us. We would be happy to offer you advice about these matters.

Veenstra Technology’s engineering office can be deployed from the first phase of the design process. We are happy to help you convert your idea into an actual, high-quality product.

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Of course we will set clear quality demands for the process, and you can assume the highest safety, reliability, functionality, user and maintenance friendliness of the machines and equipment that we produce. Please feel free to contact us for possibilities.

CE marking

The CE mark is a sign found on many products and machines. This marking indicates that the product or machine complies with applicable regulations within the European Commission Area. The rules concern health, safety and the environment. Safety for consumers and the environment are central.

With many years of experience the in engineering and development of customer-specific parts and machines, the CE marking, machine guidelines and guidelines for work equipment are daily routine for Veenstra Technology.

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