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About us

Veenstra Technology is part of the Veenstra Group. This is a group of technical companies active in metalworking, engineering, machine construction, overhaul and maintenance. It all started in 1921 when Arie Veenstra founded his own smithy, Smederij Veenstra.

In 1960, Veenstra Technology started to develop into the all-round machine factory it is today. Veenstra distinguishes four main product groups: agitators, bulk loading systems, general machine construction and metalworking. Complex machines and parts are engineered, produced, overhauled and maintained by us. We also make tools, parts and complete machines for various industries.

Veenstra is a large international company. We operate far beyond national borders, providing our customers with the right machines in almost every part of the world. We deliver all conceivable versions under strict standards with high-quality materials. Only the best quality is good enough at Veenstra.

Veenstra Technology’s speciality is to deliver tailor-made machines and equipment. We supply all common types of steel, stainless steel and plastics. We will work with you to meet all your wishes and needs. This is how we make your jointly-designed machine.

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Arie Veenstra Sr. founds Veenstra as a blacksmith shop

The Veenstra smithy taken over by the two brothers Arie and Jan Veenstra

Division of the company into a blacksmith shop and a machine factory; Jan Veenstra continues with the blacksmith shop while Arie Veenstra starts a machine factory

Relocation to Holwert 10 where the machine factory continues to expand

Expansion of the machine factory accommodation by adding space from neighbour Fleurke (drainage company) to the factory

Takeover of Veenstra by Bert Schipper, Henk de Vries and Jan Stroeve

New construction of the current warehouse

Acquisition of Vos Engineering, expanding the Agitators product group

Acquisition of Bever Engineering, adding general mechanical engineering to the product range

New construction of the current assembly hall

Takeover of the bulk programme from the Holterbosch company

Takeover of Veenstra by Paul Kuiper

Wilco Kuiper joins the company

Acquisition of ASE Valves, Engineering & Service B.V.

Acquisition of Delta Controls B.V.

Acquisition of Verwater Valves B.V.

Veenstra in a nutshell

Veenstra provides a worldwide operation, has 100 years of experience and has its own engineering and production.

Global operation
100 years of experience
Own engineering
Own production