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Budget loading spout €3.500,–


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Budget loading spouts starting from €3.500,–

Veenstra has developed a budget loading spout! This spout is ideal for customers who occasionally, but still want to professionally load their bulk products into trucks, containers or other loading units. Our budget loading spout does consist of a suspension frame with a hand winch construction with 3 cables, an inlet ventury Ø350 – Ø250mm, a single-walled telescopic PVC bellow with a stroke of 900 mm and an outlet cone made of stainless steel.

The budget loading spout can be further equipped with:

  • An dedusting connection
  • Double-walled bellow
  • Extended bellow
  • Bellow with stainless steel cups
  • Rubberized outlet cone

Are you interested in a budget loading spout? Please contact us. We are happy to compose a spout for you.